4 Bail Bondsman Myths Debunked

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 Here 4 are common myths about bail bondsman that you might not have known were myths:


Bail Bondsmen Only Accept Cash

This is probably the most common myth. Many people often think that the only way to pay a bondsman is to come up with the full amount in cash. This is false. You do not have to come up with the full amount in cash. There are actually many ways to pay bail. Use of your assets is one form of collateral that pretty much all bail bond agencies will accept. Defendants or their families are left with only a percentage of the total bail amount, which can be paid via credit card or cash.


Bail Bondsmen Can Negotiate Costs in Court

The bail bond agent actually has nothing to do with the amount the court has set for  bail. This decision is made by the judge and is dependent the on the crime and other factors. A bail bond agent has no way of negotiating the bail amount.  Bail Bondsman act within the law and offer payment options that are within the framework.


A Bail Bond Agent Can Get Anyone Out of Jail

This is a myth. Technically speaking, a bail bond agent cannot get anyone out of jail. This decision is once again made by a judge. The judge decides whether or not bail is an option. When that is determined, a bail amount is set. A bail bond agent can then help the defendant enable the bail in order for them to be out of jail during the trial.


 A Bail Bondsman Is a Bounty Hunter

Once again a myth. A bail bond agent is in no way a bounty hunter. At times they may take on some of the services of a bounty hunter in order to track defendants who have skipped  bail. This is not the case most of the time though. It’s actually more cost-efficient to charge the person who initiated the collateral rather than hiring a bounty hunter.


Separating fact from fiction is essential when working with bail bond agents. These myths typically cause people to question the entire industry when in reality most bail bond agents are simply doing their jobs.


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