How to Achieve Probation Success

Probation Success

To Achieve Probation Success and Make the Most of Your Jail Release, Follow a Few Key Tips.

If you’ve been granted probation, then congratulations! You’ve been afforded a chance to avoid jail and remain a productive member of society. Of course, probation comes with a host of rules and requirements. If you fail to live up to these terms, you can expect a quick trip back to incarceration. In order to achieve probation success, you’ll want to follow these strategies.

Pay All Your Fees

One of the most common reasons for probation revocation is the neglect of your fees and fines. In addition to whatever reparations you owe the court, probation usually will have its own monthly fee. Miss too many of these payments, and you’ll be in trouble. If you can afford it, try and pay down your probation fees ahead of time. Once you clear the balance, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Keep Your Appointments

Whether it’s for a meeting with your probation officer, a court hearing, or a date for drug testing, you absolutely must keep your appointments while on probation. If you are a disorganized person, make a habit of carrying a notebook or using your phone to record the times and places of your appointments.

Stay Away from Drugs

Most of the time, probation comes with a requirement for random drug testing. These tests can detect illegal chemicals in your system for days or even weeks after consumption. The staying power of different drugs is different, so it’s best to not play games with out-guessing the drug testers, and instead stay clean and sober. If you were arrested for an alcohol-related offense, you can count on regular testing for this substance, as well.

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