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Location of the McClain County Jail

Mcclain County Sheriff’s Office
121 North 2nd Avenue, Purcell, Oklahoma, 73080

The website for the jail cannot recommend who you call for bail bonds McClain County, but it does have other information of use:

The Detention Division of the Sheriff’s Office is currently under the command of the Detention Director, along with three Sergeants and seven full and part-time detention deputies, they run the county’s 56-bed detention facility.

The main objective of the McClain County Detention Center shall be to provide secure detention for those who have violated the law and present a threat to the community and subject to the determination of the courts.

The philosophy and goals of the McClain County Detention Center are based on the “Balanced Approach,” wherein community protection, accountability and competency development are considered for each person.

You can also see a frequently updated complete list of Inmate at the jail:

If you see someone there you want to help, just give us a call. But…

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McClain County Jail in Purcell, OK

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