Bondsman Terminology

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Glossary Of Terms

  • Bail – Bail is a stipend paid by the defendant and set by the court in order to ensure you will attend your trial date and not leave town. After your day in court and the trial is complete, your money is returned to you.
  • Bail Agreements – An agreement between the indemnitor and bondsman, this contract assures the bondsman that the indemnitor will have the defendant in court on their court date.
  • Bail Bond A promise from the defendant that they will attend court on their court date. Defendant pays a small amount of their bail bond and the bondsman pays the full amount to the court.
  • Bail Conditions – Bail conditions are limitations placed on the individual to coincide with their release. These are instated to guarantee that the defendant will attend all court dates. They can be anything from classes and assessments assigned by the court to limited travelling.
  • Cash Bonds – The bail bond’s total amount is paid to the court via money order or cash. This stipend is returned after the proceedings have been completed.
  • Collateral – Property or similar items of value that are put up to compensate for the bail amount.
  • Cosigner – An individual who signs the defendant into their care, guaranteeing to the bondsman the defendant will attend their court date. This person is charged the full amount of bail if the defendant does not attend court.
  • Defendant – Defendant means the individual who has been arrested. During proceedings this is how this person will be referred to.
  • Forfeiture – Court does not refund bail amount. This would be due to the defendant skipping out and not attending court.
  • Indemnitor – Another term for a cosigner, used alternately.
  • Own Recognizance – Also known as “ROR,” this is a term for a release without posting bail. This is at the judge’s discretion, and if the defendant is eligible the judge will interview them. The defendant is released with a promise to attend all court dates and proceedings.
  • Premium Payments – These are small payments, usually about 10% of the total bail amount, and are required to post the bail.
  • Removing Bond Liabilities – Considered a “discharge” of the bail bond, this is when it is returned after all of it’s clauses have been satisfied, ie. court appearances.
  • Right To Arrest – A defendant’s bail agent is authorized to arrest the defendant if necessary.
  • Skipping Bail – This term is when an individual leaves the designated area outlined by their bondsman and the court, exiting the jurisdiction of the court.
  • Surety Bonds –  A contract between the court, defendant, and bondsman releasing the defendant from custody.
  • Withdrawal Of Bail – If a defendant does not meet the requirements of their bonded release, they can be returned to police custody and the bail will be withdrawn.

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