Benefits of a Walkthrough Bond Service

Bonding ServiceWhen you have an outstanding warrant the best thing to do is turn yourself in and begin the process of getting everything sorted out. Using a walkthrough bond service can help you get your warrant taken care of without having to serve jail time. This is because of the good faith is shown by turning yourself in along with the compliance level you demonstrate to the officers. Most nonviolent and first-time offenses are eligible for a walkthrough bond service, but some are not. Make sure to discuss the details of your offense with your bondsman prior to signing or acting on any agreement.

Pre-jail Office Visit

Before turning yourself into the police, you will visit your bondsman’s office and sign any bond paperwork you may need. This will include your bond contract and agreement and the stipulations, payments, and other details of your bond.

Turning Yourself In

Once you are finished with paperwork, your bondsman will accompany you to the jail to turn yourself in. While you are going through booking and processing, your bondsman will pay your appearance bond. In most cases, this process lets you get released directly after booking without you actually having to spend time in jail.


Once you have been released after booking, you will be allowed to continue regular bond appearances throughout the process and continue to live your life normally. Make sure you stay up-to-date on your trail dates and other vital information to stay in good standing with your bondsman.

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