Beth Chapman: new president of the PBUS

Beth Chapman, co-star of A&E’s DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER, was elected National President of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) February 21, 2016, at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, where the organization representing over 15,000 bail agents nationwide was holding its annual winter conference.

beth chapman

Beth Chapman

PBUS acts as the national voice of bail agents. Since its founding in 1981, PBUS and its alliance with State associations have advanced the profession through Legislative advocacy, professional networking, continuing education, support of bail agent certification, enhanced liability insurance, and development of a code of ethics.

beth and the dog

Beth and “The Dog” Chapman

Beth Chapman has made an impact on many people throughout the years and has even given up her show to pursue a new journey supporting her fellow bail agents in the fight to keep up their work. “Our show has focused on trying to make the industry better and I feel that it is time for us to put our money where our mouth is in regards to protecting our industry,” said Beth Chapman. “As we have traveled throughout the country, we have learned that our industry is under attack and our bail agents need strong and experienced leadership to protect the good work they do all across the United States.”

The decision came at a time when bail reform across the country is taking the form of totally removing cash bail systems. A recent lawsuit in beth-chapman-presidentCalifornia seeks to get rid of the cash bail system by deeming it unconstitutional, and legal actions like this have traditionally gone unchallenged by the industry. That is something Beth Chapman will change as president of PBUS. Beth has been seen as someone who has courage and has shown great conviction, strength, and determination. She has gone far and beyond a typical industry leader. When Beth speaks people listen and when she leads they follow. People have known her to be honest, direct, and unwavering in commitment towards the future of private surety bail. She is breath of fresh air that is needed in the industry as a leader in the right direction and we, Lightning Bail Bonds, definitely support the decision of Beth as president.