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When you need to make bail, make sure you contact the bondsman team that is the number one choice for Norman, OK and the surrounding area. Lightning Bail Bonds provides bondsman services to Cleveland, Oklahoma, and Canadian counties in Oklahoma. We know you need to get out of jail and take care of your business. Our bail company only knows one speed – lightning fast – and gives top-notch customer service.  We will always treat you with dignity, respect and like one of our own when handling your bail bonds and release. Our bondsman services are for county, municipal and juvenile bonds.

Lightning Bail Bonds is available 24/7 and will assist you when you need us. We offer free advice and information, including information on bond amounts and warrant checks, to all of our bail clients. Our bail agents provide licensed bail enforcement statewide and cannot wait to help you. Let our bondsman show you why Lightning Bail Bonds is the best in Oklahoma. Call today at (405) 310-3020 for more information on bondsman services in Norman, OK and the surrounding area.

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Bail Bonds Procedure and Determining Bail

Photo of Bondsman ServicesWhen a person is arrested for a crime, they usually want to get out of the jail pretty quickly after booking and processing. In order to do so, you will need to pay your bail. A judge might have set this before your arrest or, if it is a common crime, there may be a bail amount set on a bail schedule. Once the person has been booked and processed, if bail is available, it is then upon them to pay it. If it is too high and they are unable, they could ask the judge to reduce the bail in their arraignment, or first appearance in court, or in a special hearing.

The ultimate purpose of bail is to ensure that the suspect attends court dates, but gives them the freedom to take care of matters and prepare. While judges can let an individual go of their own recognizance, many people venture to pay their bail through collateral, cash, or bondsman services. If you are in need of bondsman services in Norman, OK and the surrounding area, give us a call now at (405) 310-3020. Lightning Bail Bonds can answer any questions you may have about the bail procedures, terms, and services available.