Assault & Battery Bail

Photo of assault and battery bailWhen you find yourself behind bars for assault and battery, let our bondsman help you out! We offer assault and battery bail in Norman, OK and the surrounding area. We come to your aid and offer free advice and information on bail bonds procedures. Our top notch customer service will have you satisfied and out of jail. If you currently have a warrant out relating to an assault and battery charge, contact us prior to turning yourself in for our walk through services.

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What Is Assault & Battery?

Assault and battery are most always used in tandem, but do you know what they mean? These are actually two different kinds of charges that can come together to make a different charge. Assault is the action of threatening another person and even attempting harm. Being charged with assault has to be very specific. If you threaten someone’s life with mere words, it is not enough to be charged with assault. However, if you attempt to land a blow or even just make a fist with your hand while saying the threat, it counts as assault. Battery is the physical act of harming another with intent. This can even go so far as purposefully spitting on another individual. ¬†Assault and battery is the combination of the two. If you threaten an individual and then punch them, this is assault and battery. While these two have small differences, both must show active intent and consideration for the threat or deed.

Assault And Battery Bail When You Need It

When you need bail, you need a bondsman that will get you out as quickly as possible. We only know one speed – lightning fast. Lightning Bail Bonds works quickly to get your bail taken care of, all while providing top-notch customer service. We are open 24/7, available for you when you need us. Our advice and bail information is free. Give us a call today at (405) 310-3020 to have one of our expert bondsman assist you with your assault and battery bail in Norman, OK.