Your Child Support Bail

Child Support BailNot paying your child support can land you behind bars. Our bondsman can reduce your stress and get you out lightning fast. If you have a warrant out and are unsure if you should turn yourself in, call our bonds team first. We can provide free advice and walk you through the turn in and booking process. Let us stand by you during this rough time. Call Lighting Bail Bonds at (405) 310-3020 now for your child support bail in Norman, OK.

Consequences Of Non-Payment

When child support is ordered of you by the court, you must pay it. There are no exceptions. Even if you are no longer within the state, making payments is mandatory and is an obligation not just legally, but as a parent. Holding the payment “hostage” due to problems with the child’s custodian is unacceptable in any circumstance. Oklahoma courts will allow for changes to amount of child support based on cases of severe ailment, job loss, better job, or marital status changes.

If you do not pay your child support, there is an onslaught of penalties and punishments that you will face. Your child support may be directly withdrawn from your check by your employer to go toward your child support and your federal and state taxes can be redirected as well. Permits, licenses, and registrations of any kind (including professional ones!) can be suspended, cancelled, and revoked. You may be added to the Most Wanted List for Child Support Enforcement and can even be sentenced to jail time and contempt of court!

Call Now For Child Support Bail!

Our bondsman can get you out from behind bars lightning fast! Keep in mind; your child support bail will probably be similar or equate to the amount of back payments you owe. While you will have to pay a stipend, we can take care of the bail amount today. We can offer your free information on the bail processContact us at (405) 310-3020 today to receive top bail service and child support bail in Norman, OK!