Drug Possession Bail

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Oklahoma’s No Tolerance Drug Possession Laws

Photo of drug possession bailIn our great state, we have very severe penalties for possession of drugs not legally prescribed to an individual. Drugs are divided into groups known as schedules, numbered I through V. Schedules I and II are the most severe, considered felonies from the very first offense. Drugs within these schedules are LSD, Qualuudes, Marijuana and Opium to name a few. While both are considered at a high potential for abuse, Schedule I drugs are considered to have no medical use. Schedule II, however, may have a medical use that requires staunch restrictions when in use and is considered at a high risk for dependence. First offenses carry a two to five year sentence and $5000 in fines. The next schedules III, IV, and V, are equally as serious as the previous two, but a first offense for these are considered a misdemeanor, with one year sentencing and $1000 fines. A second offense becomes a felony and has the same penalties as a first offense for a Schedule I or II drug.

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