DUI Bail Bonds For Norman, OK

Photo of dui bailDriving While Impaired (DWI) and Driving While Under The Influence (DUI) are serious charges. While it may seem like one drink would do no harm, the reality is that the law has strict guidelines and penalties for those who imbibe and drive. If you have been booked under DUI charges, you are able to be released on bail. Call Lightning Bail Bonds at (405) 310-3020 today for your bail! We will get you out Lightning fast! We provide DUI bail for Norman, OK and the surrounding area.

Varying Degrees And Charges

With similar acronyms and similar meanings, DUI and DWI sound as though they are two names for the same charge. However, they differ in two aspects: Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level and severity of the charge. The DUI limit for a standard driver in OK is 0.08%, the national average. If your breathalyzer test is below this, it does not mean you are off the hook. Between a 0.05% and 0.08%, you can be charged with a DWI charge. For those under the age of 21, any percentile of alcohol is completely unacceptable. Oklahoma is a zero tolerance state. Another potential charge is called APC or Actual Physical Control. This refers to an individual who is under the influence with the ability to operate a vehicle. For the severity of these, DUI and APC can be either misdemeanor or felony, but DWI is always a misdemeanor.  

Possible Penalties For DUI

DUI penalties, like all charges, grow more severe for the number of offenses. There is a lookback, or washout, period for DUI charges is ten years, meaning ten years worth of charges can be taken into account for your sentence. Considering a first offense, penalties might incur:

  • 10 Days to 1 Year of jail time
  • $1000 of fines, not including a $300 minimum fee for DUI. This also does not include any fees or fines accrued during your sentence or administration fees!
  • 30 Days Of Suspended License
  • Alcohol/Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment

If there was a minor present at the time of your charge, your fines can be even more expensive, jumping to $2000. Your jail time may also increase, with an additional  four years added to your potential sentence, becoming a felony. Your breathalyzer test also plays a bigger role than you may know. Oklahoma is an implied consent state, meaning if you are pulled over or arrested by an officer under suspicion of DUI, you automatically consent to a breathalyzer. If you refuse, they can suspend your license for up to six months. If you are in need of DUI bail in Norman, OK, give us a call at (405) 310-3020. We are available 24/7 and offer free information and advice for all callers.