Felony Bail Bonds

When choosing a bondsman to help you with your felony bail, make sure you choose the bondsman known for their quick service and excellent customer service. We provide bail bond services for municipal and county courts in all of Oklahoma and are available 24/7 to help you when you need us. Many bail bondsman will claim to be there for you and then help at a turtle’s pace. We only know one speed – lighting fast, and always treat you with respect and dignity. Let our expert bondsman help you.

Contact Lightning Bail Bonds for your felony bail in Norman, OK today! We will treat you like family, getting you out quick and give you guidelines to keep you out on bond. 

Examples Of Felonies

Photo of Felony BailFor Oklahoma, there are no separate classifications for felonies. All crime is broken down into felony, misdemeanor, or violation and further expanded upon. The main divide for felonies and misdemeanors is the sentence they carry. A misdemeanor is considered as anything with a less than one year sentence. A felony, however, is anything longer than one year. Some examples of felonies are as follows:

All of these come with varying sentences which are based on the charge. Remember also that your bail is based on your charge as well as your court appearance with the judge. You may consider a walk through if you have a warrant out for your arrest or you can see if the judge will let you go of our own recognizance.

Felony Bail Fast!

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