Marijuana Possession Bail

Marijuana possession can land you in a booking and processing line. With all of the discussion of marijuana possibly becoming legal, many people believe it may be ok to have. However, it is still very illegal in Oklahoma as well as within national law. You can be charged and arrested if you have any of the substance on your person. If you have been charged with marijuana possession, give us a call today at (405) 310-3020 to speak with one of our bondsmen about your marijuana possession bail and how you can stay out on bond. We provide the best customer service in Norman, OK and the surrounding area. Our bondsmen will get you out fast and treat you with respect and dignity. Let us assist you with your marijuana possession bail in Norman, OK!

“But I Thought It Was Legal”

photo of marijuana possession bailWhile many a state, such as our neighboring state Colorado, may be considering or legalizing recreational use of marijuana, such is not the case in our own state. Oklahoma has yet to make an official call on the matter. Until the laws have been ratified to allow the drug either entirely or just with prescription, no use of marijuana is legal use. Even if you purchase in Colorado, once you cross into Oklahoma, it is illegal. According to law, marijuana is a Schedule I drug with no medicinal use. In most cases, possession of Schedule I drugs are felonies, but with marijuana, it is different. Marijuana possession is considered a misdemeanor on the first offense with a penalty of fines no more than $10,000, one year in prison, or both. Sale and distribution is still considered a felony. Something else to remember; even if it becomes legal in our great state, federal law still considers marijuana possession to be a no-no. In the event of conflicts, federal law will still come into play.

Contact us when you need marijuana possession bail in Norman, OK. Our bondsmen will treat you like family and help you get and stay out on bond. Give us a call today at (405) 310-3020 for free information and advice on your case!