What Should I Know Before I Contact A Bail Agent?

bail agentGetting mixed up with legal trouble can be scary and confusing; especially, if you are not sure of how to post bail through a bail agent or bondsman to get out. Lightning Bail Bonds is able to assist in posting bails, navigating the bail system, and help your loved ones figure out what they need to even begin this process. Lightning Bail Bonds will do what it takes to help you or a loved one get out of the trouble.

For starters, Lightning Bail Bonds bail agent needs to know specific information before they can start the process. They must know:

  1. Where is the person in custody? (This specifically means city, state, and location and name of the facility).
  2. What is the full name and booking number or date of birth of the person in jail? Lightning Bail Bonds will need this information in order to contact the jail. They can obtain the booking number if you forgot or if it was not available.
  3. How much is the bail? Our bail agent will get this information when they contact the jail if you do not have it. Once the bondsman has the bail amount, they will be able to tell you the cost and requirements to release the defendant from custody.

Having this information will be very helpful to the Lightning Bail Bondsman. With this information the beginning of the process can be simple and fast moving. After determining all the answers to these questions, and having the bail agent figure out the cost you will have to pay, you can move forward in the right direction to making sure you come out on top of whatever legal trouble you or a loved one has gotten themselves into.

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