Dealing with Unpaid Child Support

Photo of Bondsman ServicesIf there is a warrant out for your arrest in Norman, OK for unpaid child support, call Lighting Bail Bonds to discuss your options. You must be willing to get back on track but we can help you take the first step.  If you are looking for immediate information about unpaid child support, review the information below to help you get a better idea of how to approach the situation:

Can The Other Parent Determine My Income?

The other parent has the right to request your income information once per calendar year. This request can only occur on April 15th or later during each year. If they determine you are not paying the appropriate amount, they can consult with their legal representatives.

How Long Must I Pay Child Support?

You are obligated to pay child support until the child’s 18th birthday. This window can be extended through the child’s college years, depending on the circumstance. If your child fails to graduate High School, your payment will be extended through their 20th birthday.

How Is My Payment Amount Calculated

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services provides a free calculator to determine the amount of money you owe for child support. You can print out the result of the calculation and present it to your lawyer or representative.

What if I’m Unemployed?

Depending on the circumstance of your unemployment, a judge can force you to use your previous income to contribute to child support payments. If you are learned to have quit your job for the sole purpose of avoiding child support, you will suffer the consequences. Call (405) 310-3020 for child support bail in Norman, OK!