Myths About Bail Bonds

If you’re not familiar with the bail system, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Many people’s ideas of bail are based on television shows and rumors. Here are some of the most common myths about bail bonds:

You Must Pay Bail Bonds With Cash

myths about bail bondsFalse. The majority of bail agencies nowadays accept many forms of payment, including major credit cards, debit cards, and more. Some require that you put up some form of collateral like a car title or valuable jewelry. Many bail agents also offer payment plans to make things even simpler!

Bail Agents Can Lower The Price Of Bail

False. The price of bail is determined by the judge or bail commissioner. When setting the price of bail, judges will consider the standard price of bail for the charges you or your loved one have been charged with. He will also take into consideration your past criminal record, circumstances of arrest, flight risk, threat to the public, and more. This price is then non-negotiable.

Bail Bond Fees Are Refundable

False. When you get a bail bond, you must pay the bail bondsman a one-time fee. This is usually 10 percent of the price of cash bail. No matter what happens, this fee is non-refundable. However, you might be liable to pay even more if the person who was released on bail misses their court date.

These are just a few misconceptions many people have and myths about bail bonds. If you have questions, or need bail assistance in Norman, OK, call Lightning Bail Bonds at (405) 310-3020!