The Terms of Your Bail Bond

Before getting a bail bond, getting out of jail seems like the hard part. After you find a trusted, local bail bondsman and get out, though, you are not completely free yet. Though your specific case will influence your bond, these are the standard terms of your bail bond.

Make Your Court Date

Judge's Gavel

After Leaving Jail Early on a Bail Bond, It is Essential that You Show up for Your Court Date

The most important thing to remember after getting out of jail on bail is to show up for your court date. A good bail bondsman will even help remind you of when you should be in court. This is because there are several very bad consequences if you fail to appear in court. Court dates and times cannot be changed to suit your schedule, and missing it can lead to a number of penalties.

If you do not have a valid reason for failing to appear, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest and you may be charged with failure to appear. You may then be arrested by a police officer of bail enforcement officer and taken back to jail. Your bail will be forfeited and you will be liable for the full amount of your original bail.

Don’t Get Arrested Again

Depending on your unique case, getting arrested again could lead to bond forfeiture. It could also cause you to get stuck in another jail and miss your court date! Try to stay out from behind bars while out on bail. If you have outstanding warrants, talk to a bail bondsman or lawyer to have them resolved.

Other Terms of Your Bail Bond

Each bail bond is unique and will apply specifically to your circumstances. Depending on your charges and the price of bail, you might have additional requirements. Make sure to thoroughly review the terms of your bail bond with your bondsman to have all your questions answered.

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