Norman, OK Walk Through And Warrant Services

photo of walk through bondsman servicesDiscovering that you have a warrant can be a scary experience. You can be stopped for any reason and arrested unexpectedly, leading to embarrassment at work, home, or other functions. Many people struggle with whether or not to turn themselves over to avoid these problems. Doing so can actually help your case. If you are considering turning yourself  in due to a warrant, call Lightning Bail Bonds at (405) 310-3020 first. We offer walk through bondsman service for Norman, OK and be there for you every step of the way to get you out lightning fast.

How Walk Through Bondsman Services Work

Warrants can be issued for innumerable reasons, from missed child support to traffic violations. These tell the police that they can arrest you, while also dictating that you must appear in court. When arrested, you are booked, processed, and then can spend a good amount of time waiting for your time in court to get your bail straightened out. After your arraignment, you may then post bail. When considering turning themselves in, the jail time is always a point where people become concerned.

Depending on your crime, walk through bondsman service can be a boon. While many warrants are eligible for walk through bondsman service, violent crime related warrants are not and will require going before a judge for your arraignment.  Walk through bondsman service is the well planned, expedited version of turning yourself in. Before you turn yourself in, contact your bail bondsman for his walk through services. Your bondsman can help you get through your warrant resolution paperwork prior to turning in. After that, they come with you to the jail. While you are processed and booked, they pay an appearance bond to the police. This bond gives you the chance to leave the police station after booking, eliminating the jail time.  Appearance bonds act as a sort of guarantee that you will show up to court at your assigned court date and time.

Benefits Of Turning Yourself In

photo of walk through bondsman servicesWhile it definitely does not sound like a benefit, turning yourself in to the police and walk through bondsman service on your warrant can be extremely beneficial to you. This shows to the court that you are cooperative and trying to work with them for a resolution. Not attending to your warrant looks like avoidance, which reflects poorly on you. Another benefit is relief. Turning yourself in eliminates the look-over-your-shoulder feeling and potential embarrassment of being arrested in front of friends, family, and co-workers.

Always remember, you are expected to attend your court date when bail is posted for you. If you do not, the full bail amount and legal charges are charged to you. Your bondsman knows your bail amount prior to taking you to be booked. While always proportionate to your crime, your bail can also increase or decrease depending upon your actions and seeing a judge. Lightning Bail Bonds can get you out fast. Our bondsman team is available 24/7 to provide you quality bail bonds service. Call us today at (405) 310-3020 for your walk through bondsman service in Norman, OK.