What to do When You Have a Warrant

The most important thing to do when you or a loved one is issued a warrant is to stay calm. While it can be a very stressful situation, being calm and collected can help you get the information you need and help the warrant processing procedure go as smoothly as possible. You need to know a few basic details in order to start the bonding process, and will be able to get them from the issuing facility before arrest or once the person has been booked in. Keep in mind that the booking process time length depends heavily on the workload of the facility. This process may also be hindered by a mandatory bail hearing. Once you or your loved one has been booked and processed, the following information will be needed to begin the bail procedure.

  • Case Number
  • Charge
  • Status
  • Special Requirements Set by the Judge
We Can Help Relieve the Stress of an Active Warrant.

Your Warrants Can be Taken Care of Without Jail Time in Most Cases.

Once you have this information, the Lightning Bail Bonds professionals can help you begin the steps to freedom.

What are the Types of Warrants?

Warrants vary greatly depending on the type and severity. Misdemeanor warrants are very common and can include charges like DUI first offenses, possession, assault. Many of these offenses can be bonded upon processing with no need to wait for a bond hearing. Felony and violent charges, on the other hand, typically require a hearing before they will allow release. These charges also come with additional stipulations such as house arrest or breathalyzer requirements. Bench warrants are issued when a defendant misses an original court date. Typically these charges are bondable and can even be settled with a walk-through bonding process. However, Capias bench warrants cannot be bonded at all. These warrants are issued when you have failed to comply with the arrangements made on a charge. A capias bench warrant will require you to remain in jail until seeing the judge.

Warrant Processing in Oklahoma

If you find out that you or a loved one has an outstanding warrant in Oklahoma, call the Lightning Bail Bonds team first at __PHONE__. We provide expert assistance and guidance so you get through the bonding process as quickly and painlessly as possible. Call us today to find out more about your warrant bond options.